Franck White & Christian Frank

Franck White &

Christian Frank



Back in 2000 the singer and unique harmonica player, Franck White released the review praised CD: “Soul Searchin City Streets”. Later he has been travelling all over in the United States, where he among others has been playing with legendary Willie Kent at “B.l.u.e.s” and Nick Moss at “House of Blues” in Chicago.


In 2002 he and the 34 year old guitarist Christian Frank formed the duo Franck White & Christian Frank. It is somehow an akward musical relationship. Franck White is self-learned in every way, he doesn´t know anything about music theory, but he sings and plays in a very personal and expressive way, which makes him known and respected among every blues fan in Denmark.


Christian Frank is a quite different kind of musician. He is mainly known for his performances at various Jazz Clubs. During the last ten year his focus has moved back and forth from Jazz music to Blues music, getting special inspiration from musicians like Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker and recorded two CD´s with his own compositions. With a degree from the Academy of Music and an intens musical energy, Christian Frank makes an exiting opponent to Franck White.Together they are working hard to find their own sound and in the same time to honour the legendary artist who invented the Blues.


From time to time they have invited speciel guests to perform with them. Most recently the amazing saxophoneplayer Jan Harbeck and groovin´drummer Morten Ærø.

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